Are Smoothies Just Sugar Through a Straw?

Are Smoothies Just Sugar Through a Straw?

By: Blender Bombs

Let's dive into the tomato vs. Heinz Ketchup debate to use as an example to shed light on this age-old question. Tomatoes, often mistaken as veggies, but technically fruits (crazy, I know), are low in sugar and deliver fresh, earthy and colorful goodness to any dish. In contrast, Heinz Ketchup, assumed to be mashed tomatoes, packs 4 grams of sugar per tablespoon (and who sticks to just one tbsp?). The distinction between the two is VERY clear: Heinz is processed with cane sugar as a second ingredient while tomatoes are just well… tomatoes!

So, why the bad rap on smoothies and how Heinz relate here? Places like Smoothie King, Tropical Smoothie, and Jamba Juice paint a picture of health with their vibrant colors and fresh fruit imagery. Their smoothies not only look tasty but promise refreshment too! Yet, these drinks often stray from the essence of what a smoothie should be: a healthy, fruit-filled refreshment (or even a meal replacement if you toss in a Blender Bomb)!

Our founder, Helen Leland, took matters into her own hands - well, arm actually. She strapped on a top-notch glucose monitor and conducted days of comparisons to determine whether or not smoothies were spiking her blood sugar: Blender Bomb smoothies vs. chain restaurants like Smoothie King, Panera, you name it. The consistent winner? The Blender Bomb smoothie took home the gold every time. Why? How?

Unlike those popular chains, a Blender Bomb smoothie keeps it real: real fruit, real veggies, water, and of course, a Blender Bomb. What sets a Blender Bomb apart from the syrups, concentrates, and juices used elsewhere are the missing additives and added sugars. No added sugar, no preservatives - just a nutrient-packed ball made from over 12 nuts, seeds and plants!

To settle the age-old debate of whether smoothies are just sugar through a straw, the answer hinges on what you put in it. Don't hesitate to dig into the nutrition panels on these chains' websites. If you encounter ingredients you can't pronounce or visualize (seriously, where does xanthan gum even come from?), it might be wise to seek out a different spot! Bombs away!

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