Go, Go Goji!

Go, Go Goji!

By: Megan Tomlin

Packed into the Go, Go Goji Blender Bombs are two superfoods that level up our health. Goji berries and acai are some of the more unconventional ingredients that we use in our blender bombs. These ingredients are natural superfoods that can elevate mood, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve sleep.The research on Goji berries has shown that they can benefit our mental wellbeing and GI functioning.

Acai contains antioxidants that stimulate the nervous system in order to balance our moods. Both of these ingredients boost our energy and promote healthy digestion as well. They are called superfoods for a reason! Goji berries have been shown to improve levels of anxiety, depression, and increase immune system function. Other than benefiting our mental health, goji berries can help regulate our blood sugar levels and increase the HDL or “good cholesterol” in our blood. We have added these unique ingredients to our Goji Coconut and Acai blender bomb so that you can get all of these added nutrients without the added cost!


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