You Glow Girl

You Glow Girl

By: Megan Tomlin

Aloe & Irish Sea Moss are the powerhouses for glowing skin.

When we consume Aloe Vera, our body is able to increase its collagen production. This increased collagen can then help with facial elasticity, wrinkle prevention, and skin hydration.

There is a reason Hailey Bieber included both collagen and sea moss in her Glaze Skin Smoothie!

By adding the Glow Getter Blender Bomb to your smoothie routine, you can help protect and enhance your skin. Research suggests that dietary consumption of Aloe may improve acne prevalence which is a major win for all of us acne prone people. Another not so glamorous benefit - but we all love it - is that Aloe Vera can help get things moving. The fiber, vitamins, and minerals present in both Aloe and Irish Sea Moss help our bodies digest nutrients. Sea moss contains a lot of the good bacteria that we want to feed our gut.

When we pair the Irish Sea Moss with the Aloe Vera, we are feeding our good gut bacteria and maintaining hydrated, glowing skin.

Bomb Benefits of Aloe & Irish Sea Moss

  1. Aids in clear skin
  2. Improves skin elasticity
  3. Promotes gut health and digestion
  4. Immunity Boosting


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