This One's for New Mamas

This One's for New Mamas

By: Casey Ox

Dear new mama who is searching in her pantry for her old pant size,

They say it takes 10 months to grow a baby and about 10 months to lose the baby weight. But, here I am - little miss impatient. The dishwasher is full, my shorts are too snug, and the bags under my eyes are as dark as the pavement. With a baby thrown over my shoulder and on the verge of tears, I search my pantry for something healthy but easy. Something that requires little time, few dishes, and actually keeps me full so I don’t binge minutes later. Annie's Mac & Cheese is staring back at me. It’s “organic,” “it’s not Kraft,” and it’s done in 3 minutes with only a spoon that needs washing. This is what I NEED, right? I throw it in the microwave and scarf it down quicker than Usain Bolt finishes a race. My tummy growling subsided for less than an hour. I was wrong. That is not what I need, it’s what I wanted. 

After days of feeding my body rather than fueling it, the postpartum number on the scale remaining the same, and a depleting milk supply from my breasts, I quickly realized my needs were overthrown by my wants. 

Blender Bombs smoothies are my newfound (and delicious) convenient meal. I just drop a bomb + frozen fruit + greens +liquid and I have a smoothie in 2 minutes. Sure, a quick sink rinse for the 2 parts of a blender may take 30 seconds, but I am consuming something with a nutrition label I can actually trust and real ingredients that keep me full. I started to not only see the differences physically, but I was actually feeling energized enough to be the mom I’ve always dreamt of being.

Within days I realized that this simple change of just implementing a Blender Bomb smoothie packed with veggies (some I didn’t even know could be thrown into a blender) wasn’t just about weight loss and convenience. It made me have WAY more energy, an increase in milk supply, and the desire to live a healthier lifestyle for not only myself but my newborn daughter too. 

It’s funny how things work - when I gave up on the title of being miss impatient and caring only about quick postpartum weight loss, I started to finally hit my goals. Down 34.3lbs (yes, the ounces matter!) and a VERY happy breastfed baby. 

Let’s just say, a BB smoothie a day keeps the Ozempic + lactation consultant away.

oxox, A new mama who found everything and more in her pantry, all from one product and a blender.

P.S. Here’s my recipe that's helped me reach these goals!

½ cup of frozen cherries

½ frozen banana

½ cup of frozen spinach (or any leafy green that is about to expire in my fridge!)

2 Blender Bomb (yes, 2! The more nuts the better for the milk!)

½ cup almond milk

1 small handful of ice

Tip: I usually throw in random veggies that are close to expiring in my fridge. I’ve noticed that with 1-2 Blender Bombs, a banana, and some fruit it will mask the taste of the veggies. Carrots, cauliflower, zucchini - anything you can think of! They all contain amazing nutrients for you and your baby, plus it’s saving food from going to waste!

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