Stay on the Sunnyside

Stay on the Sunnyside

By: Megan Tomlin

The Sunflower Seed & Coconut Blender Bomb is not only nut free, but also chalked full of immune boosting nutrients.

Sunflower seeds are extremely high in Vitamin E and B vitamins.

Vitamin E has been shown to help with our skin and B vitamins are known to contribute to our overall mood.

The high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components present in sunflower seeds makes them a powerhouse nutrient for the immune system.

Since sunflower seeds are high in magnesium and selenium, they may improve our thyroid function and regulate the production of hormones in the body.

The sunflower seed is high in protein and healthy fats the promote balanced cholesterol and hunger levels within the body. Since this seed is high in tocopherol levels, it has been well researched that this seed may help reduce our risk of cancer and heart disease.

For all of our nut free friends, we are ensuring that we have a safe and highly nutritious product that you can enjoy!


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